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    Apr 2011
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    Globalization and its effects on the development of educational service in Vietnam


    1. Inevitability

    Since 1986, Vietnam has been conducting a process of economic innovation . It has been steadily opening its economy to be able to integrate into the global marketplace more and more. During this time, the world in which we live has greatly changed. The collapse of the Soviet Union was followed by the world fully embracing, the form of government employed by the three economic superpowers: the US, EU, and Japan.
    The rapid development of technology has radically changed the face of global economy. In particular, information technology and communication technology have altered the face of the global economy, making it increasing rapidly. As proclaimed by the title of a recent famous book “The World Is Flat”. International trade activities, global investment activities and migration around the world are three remarkable dimensions of today’s global activities. It is now so easy to trade with other countries, even with particular individuals in other country; that the capital can now flow throughout the world with ease. Today, individuals can easily visit every country on Earth. We call this process “globalization”, we are now living in “ the globalization age”.
    In 2007, Vietnam joined in the World Trade Organization( WTO). This leads us to believe in that Vietnam is inclined to increasingly participate in this “ flat world”. This country of eighty million people is becoming a “vital” part of the global economy. The deeper Vietnam takes part in the global economy, the greater the impact of globalization on Vietnam becomes. Globalization affects every aspect of Vietnam: Economy, Social, Culture, ...and even its education system. There is a mutual correlation between education and globalization, reflecting how globalization impacts education , and how education responds to globalization in turn.
    Historically, education in Vietnam has always been very important; the Vietnamese people have always cared deeply about this issue. The impact of globalization on education in Vietnam is an issue of rising importance. Accordingly, I have conducted research on “ Globalization and its effects on the development of educational service in Vietnam”

    2. Object and Field

    We will consider three features of globalization: international trade, global investment and migration.
    Taking data from 1986 in Vietnam and from 1950 across the World.

    3. Research Methodology

    At first ,I will present a little research about how globalization affects the demand and supply of education at both the micro and the macro level in some countries such as Singapore, Brazil, and Korea, etc. I will then explore how globalization affects Vietnam’s education, also at both the micro and the macro level. Finally I will try to give suggestions for a better strategy for education services in Vietnam.

    4. Table of Contents

    I. Foreword
    1. Inevitability
    3.Object and field
    4. Research Methodology
    5.Table of Contents
    II. The Main Content
    Chapter I: Overview
    1.1 Globalization
    1.1.2 The impact of globalization Positive impact Negative impact Impact on International Relations and International Integration Processes in the World
    1.2 Education Services
    1.2.1 General knowledge
    1.2.2 Overview of education services in Vietnam
    1.3 Education and globalization
    1.3.1 Education and international trade Education and exports at macro level Education and global value chains Education and offshoring services Education and responding to trade
    1.3.2 Education and the ability to attract private capital flows Technical and engineering skills and manufacturing FDI Centres of Excellence and attracting strategic asset seeking FDI The effects of education on FDI at the sectoral level Education and benefiting from FDI
    1.3.3 Education and the probability of migration permanent migration temporary migration Types of education
    1.4 The effects of globalization on education
    1.4.1 The effects of trade on education and demand for education at macro level Trade and supply of education at macro level and education at the micro level
    1.4.2 The effects of FDI on Education Macro effects on demand for education effects of FDI on the supply of education Micro effects on demand for education Micro supply of education and training – voluntary contributions Micro supply – vocational training Micro supply – tertiary education
    1.4.3 The effects of Migration on Education Migration and the supply/loss in teacher capacity in the education sector Macro effects of migration on education Migration and private incentives to invest in human capital Other effects of migration

    Chapter II: Education services in Vietnam under the impact of globalization

    2.1 The impact of international trade on education services in Vietnam
    2.1.1 Trade and supply for education at macro level
    2.1.2 Trade and supply for education at micro level
    2.1.4 The impact of adhering to WTO on education service in Vietnam The thought of education has changed The impact of adhering to WTO on education service in Vietnam
    2.2 The impact of FDI on the education service in Vietnam
    2.2.1 Macro effects on demand for education
    2.2.2 Macro effects on supply for education
    2.2.3 Micro effects on supply for education
    2.3 Education services in Vietnam under the impact of migration
    2.4 Education system in Vietnam under the impact of globalization
    2.4.1 Education services in Vietnam and international trade
    2.4.2 Education in Vietnam and FDI
    2.4.3 Education in Vietnam and migration
    Chapter III: Strategy for developing education services in Vietnam in globalization.

    3.1 Increasing the impact of education on international trade
    3.1.1 developing education system to export education services
    3.1.2 Education and training to adapt new global value chains
    3.2 Education in Vietnam and the ability of attracting FDI
    3.2.1 Attracting FDI into education services itself
    3.2.2. Education system not only adapts to the need of skilled workers from FDI companies but also create a well-known workforce for Vietnam to attract FDI.

    3.3 Education and migration
    3.3.1 Attracting Vietnamese people who are living are working at foreign countries to dedicate Vietnam’s education development.
    3.3.2 Attracting scientists all over the world coming to work and do research in Vietnam.

    3.4 public policies
    3.4.1 Human resource development policies
    3.4.2 investment policies
    3.4.3 trade policies
    3.4.4 migration policies
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Globalization and its effects on the development of educational service in Vietnam

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